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Photos of the Disco

Please head over to our Facebook page where there's new photos of the disco updated regularly! Here's some from the archive...

Also please watch our video if you haven't seen it yet!

Austin, Charlie and Santa! DJs at work! Katy Johnstone sang a beatiful version of 'Hallelujah' by Alexandra

Hilton Treetops Discos

All our disco gear Setting up the gear Setting Up DJ Austin Crow Austin and the Dancefloor Our message board Charlie Crow and John behind the decks Disco The Dancefloor


Dancing at the disco Bruce our bouncer Dancing at the disco Dancing at the disco Dancing at the disco The best looking couple in the world! Packing up into the van

Disco Photo Archive

DJs Austin and Charlie deciding on the next song at our disco DJ Austin Crow plays to the crowd DJ Charlie Crow The special needs crowd at our disco Austin's disco equipment - he made the lights with his coworker John Special Needs disco Aberdeen